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WeddingDance Lessons are becoming very popular nowadays. People don't feel comfortable just doing the side to side boring routine any longer, but rather entertain their guests with either a romantic "wow" factor routine or something fun and up beat like Gangnam Style which can also bring the crowd to the floor to a very high energy & memorable event!

OC Dance Studio offers Dance Lessons & Dance Classes to kids of ages 3 & up. We encourage kids to being trained in as many dance rhythms as possible during our beginner's Dance Program in order to becoming a better and more complete dancer in the future. Our Dance Classes consist of Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop & Ballroom for kids of all dance levels from beginners with no dancing skills to all the way as advanced and competitive dance level.

Kids Hip Hop Classes in Orange County at OC Dance studio are becoming rapidly popular as the most fun and educational dance classes offered by a family owned dance studio! Families and kids are treated as part of a "team" in a very friendly and non pressured atmosphere encouraging kids to be the best they can be through education/fun dance classes for kids of ages 3 and & at all levels.