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Better Than Zumba? Miracle Weight Loss programs or pills?

Our Power Latin Cardio Classes are going stronger than ever! The word of mouth has been the best support for the program and the ladies who have joined are dedicated, motivated and less frustrated! The energy at studio during classes is contagious and is the best ingredient! Some claim this class to be even better than ZUMBA! True or not true? Who knows? But it sure has helped people to feel better about themselves and avoid being home over eating or feeling sad or less active!

Now is it such a thing as miracle WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS OR PILLS? I for one do not believe on such things, BUT I do believe in the power or mind and mind power! If you want something really bad and program your mind for it, your body should follow. I do know for fact that a good combination of healthy eating habits and moderate food portions combined with daily physical activities WILL NOT make people to gain weight! With that in mind a simple matter of being sensible and not letting your mind sabotage you when it comes to starting and sticking with a program that combines better eating habits with increasing or starting a daily physical activity that requires sweating and increasing your heart beat in order to burn calories and speed up your metabolism. Let's burn some calories tonight and celebrate being women of all ages at our FORMATIONS REHEARSALS STARTING AT 7:45PM with Proud Mary and Dirty Dancing!!!!

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