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Ok so you do so many different exercises and still don't see progress on your body and muscle toning. One of the factors could be the lack of mixing things up to get your body to feel the "shock" of changing your exercise routine and also who knows? You could find a new motivation to go one step up and make the difference that you have been searching for! So what about BODY BARRE? That's a great new exercise class offered at OC DANCE STUDIO BY BRITNEY who happens to have an incredible body and stamina all due to her years of dedication to ballet and its fundamentals. Now because we don't expect beginners to do what she is capable of doing after years of training, we have customize a series of exercises for beginners to follow and yet based on many of the ballet terms, routines and of course base steps to help your body with a great muscle toning and strengthening without the need of high impact cardio and ballet background. Come try and see for yourself! What do you have to lose besides a few calories? 

Classes are every Thursday from 7:45-8:45pm at OC DANCE STUDIO AT 1132 E. Katella Ave #A18, city of Orange in Orange County. Only $12 per class or check out our super cheap monthly pass promotion on line!!! See you then!

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