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Dancing Shoes at OC DANCE STUDIO & Tina Turners video

Just placed a large order for dancing shoes for OC DANCE STUDIO and should have them by next Monday night! WE have Smooth and Latin Shoes and great pricing of course!

Wednesday night was a hit with our 1st rehearsal classes for TINA TURNER (PROUD MARY) & DIRTY DANCING (4 THEME SONGS) and 12 ladies celebrating life with great dancing!!!

Classes are held at studio from 7:45-9:15pm every Wednesday night and Show Night will be September 22nd at Embassy Suites Hotel by Disneyland! Come join us! Tonight is Social Dancing Night with Classes by Rostislav Liduch from 6:45-7:30pm and is always 1 or more surprising Rhythms for you to learn and enjoy for your next Social Event! 

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