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Attention all Ladies from OC DANCE STUDIO! Here are the themes for next formations, yes you read it right, formationS for our SUMMER SHOWCASE: Dirty Dancing "Time of My Life" and we will be doing the remake of "PROUD MARY" by Tina Turner! We will open the night with our powerful Tina Turner routine (remake) and close the night with a very "touchy" up lifting number of Dirty Dancing infamous dancing scene! Crazy and cool ah? Yeah babe!!! You can only have that at OC DANCE STUDIO a place where women can be all they can be!!!!


Rehearsals will start MARCH 21st on Wednesday nights from 7:45-9:15pm. We may work out to start lightly earlier like 7:30-9pm if helps for the ladies participating on both rehearsals!


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Are you in or are you out? If you are out, you will be sorry! This is literaly the Time of OUR lives!

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