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Nobody can truly say that they "ENJOY" exercising on a daily basis. Yes there are some activities that once you pass the 1st 10 or 15 brutal minutes of gasping for air and oxygen, than you finally start getting a good "rush" and perhaps get your mind off the working out part of it and focus on the feeling good part of the exercising or working out session. Thus perhaps choosing an activity where you can get your mind into that "feeling good" stage as quickly as possible, may be just the answer and the extra motivation you need to get a JUMP START on your WEIGHT LOSS/CONTROL program and activities! Come join our POWER LATIN CARDIO CLASS which is a 30-45 minutes non stoping dancing where you will FOR SURE get a grat sweat, burn calories, meet great people, learn actual dancing moves and who knows? maybe get "hooked" and enjoy exercising?! LOL


What do you have to lose besides weight on your try out class?! Great way to try and lose ah?! Let's do it! TONIGHT and every Tue and Thu night at OC DANCE STUDIO! Check our schedule and rates and get your tennis shoes ready to go! See you tonight!

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