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Hi everyone! OC DANCE STUDIO is hotter than ever! Every Wednesday nights you can choose from 4 different awesome & fun Dance Classes/Lessons & meet great new friends! Tonight is the 1st night for combo formation practices! Ladies from all ages and dancing levels meet together for fun & educational dance classes learning same moves and same techniques in a formation format. Classes are fun and very entertaining! This is the equivalent of watching teh behind the scenes of Dancing With the Stars except that YOU get to be part of it!


Mean while we have our Co-Ed group classes by Gonzo for ladies & gentlemen to get together and laugh and have fun while looking for their "right" foot and learning beginner steps for Night Clubbing Bachata & Salsa! Why stay home or go on a boring date when you can be at OC DANCE STUDIO where you are guaranteed to having fun??? See classes and details below:


6:15-7:00pm- Bachata by Gonzo

7:00-7:45pm- Salsa by Gonzo

7:45-8:30pm- All Ladies Formation by Rosta (Tina Turner "Proud Mary") - W.C.Swing & Jive

8:30-9:15pm- All Ladies Formation by Rosta (Dirty Dancing - 4 songs) Tonight is MAMBO!!!


Let's do it!!!


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