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Tips on Losing Weight on a Daily Basis with Small Actions

You decided is time to lose some weight, but not sure yet on how to start or get motivated. Mean while, each day that passes by is an extra day of extra weight until you actually take action. Then you set up big plans and because it takes time and work you end up not doing anything about and again more days and time passes by. Let's start with baby steps! Today and every day for the next 30 days you will do the following:

1) park your car as far as possible to the main entrance of your work, grocery store, shopping store, etc. 

2) Avoid drive thrus. Park your card again as far as possible and walk into the food place. Better yet: avoid fast food in general! Don't have time to cook? That's fine, most grocery shops nowadays offer healthier options of "pick up" food such as rotisserie chicken and salads. Even a nice turkey sandwich from the deli is better than a Big Mac with fries!

3) Which brings me to types of food: let's avoid maybe 3 types of food for those 30 days as a baby step. So you want to cut off 3 items that are fried from your menu.

4) Drink lots of water between meals and a full glass right BEFORE each meal and specially in the am right after waking up.

5) Do you have dogs? Well instead of asking others to walk your dog, do it yourself and hopefully more than once a day. You will be doing both of you a great deed!

6) Avoid big intervals between meals and if you can't just simply carry power bars (with low calories) in your purse, car and drawers at work and try snacking or having small meals every 2 hours if possible. Again, SMALL meals in between main meals. HEALTHY snacks NOT extra chips or cookies!

7) Don't use food as your main source of pleasure or stress release. Call friends, get out of the house, if you are at work and got upset, go up and down the stairs until you calm down and mean while you will be burning calories! Don't have stairs? Go for a walk around the building or the parking lot.

8) Which brings me to another great tip: do you work sitting all day? No time for lunch? I am sure you can spare 15 mins here and there. Go do the stairs or the parking lot. I know it seems silly or boring, maybe in the 1st few days, but after 2 or 3 weeks of daily basis routine, you will do by habit and repetition. 

9) Try exercising somehow a total of 3 hours minimum per week. Walking, jogging, biking, playing sports, dancing, etc. If you have to mix be it! Whatever it takes to get out of the house/work place!

10) Avoid: non supportive friends and family members, bad influence people and situations, alcohol and most of all, watch out for your sabotaging mind! Your worse enemy! Whenever you decide to lose weight and start a new life style, your mind will be your biggest challenge! You will not start because you forgot your tennis shoes at home, you are too tired, you don't have time, your family and children need you at home, your working hours, your lack of energy, motivation, etc. You must fight all those obstacles and create a new life style for yourself and that will only happen when you break bad habits long enough that your thoughts and way of living will change and no looking back.

If all else fails, just remember that OC DANCE STUDIO is here to support anyone in need of an extra hand to make a change for better. Good luck and keep us posted!

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