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Traditional or Non Traditional Routines

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Hip Hop at OC Dance Studio for Adults

Hip Hop classes for Adults - Beginners and Non Beginners are welcome! OC Dance Studio is located in the heart of Orange County in the city of Orange. Hip Hop classes are on Mondays and Tuesday Nights ...

  • Salsa class in Orange County - beginners welcome

Oc dance studio Salsa and Bachata Classes on Wednesdays - beginners welcome and no partners needed

Make Your Wedding Dance Special and

Filled with Unforgettable, Romantic

& Passionate Memories!

As one of the best dance studios in Orange County, OCDS takes pride in not just teaching dance lessons to wedding couples, but also helping to bring them closer to one another as they share great moments together during classes while listening to their romantic song and sharing laughs and emotions each step of the way...

Each moment of your Special Day will be a lifetime treasure and

we want to help you to make it perfect

and stress-free by creating an

easy to remember and yet beautiful dance routine that

you will enjoy performing and your guests

will be pleased to watch!

Call us @ 714-280-2313

or e-mail us at and

start dancing today! 

At OC Dance Studio in Orange County, you don't have to sign any contracts or long term commitment. You choose the package that best matches with your budget and you tell us your goals and we will make them happen.No pressure and no stress! Just fun times & positive experience!

We understand that many couples come from different geographic areas and the stress of wedding planning can be very aggravating when dealing with tight schedule. Therefore at OC DANCE STUDIO we make scheduling easier by offering 7 days a week appointments and different site locations at various dance studios in Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Making your life easier during this time is one of our main goals.

Nowadays is very common that wedding couples feel the need to be better prepared for their wedding dance in front of guests and family members thus taking dance lessons is a becoming very popular amongst the Orange County community and as being part of one of the many choices of a selection of dance studios in Orange County area, OC DANCE STUDIO is proud to have shared many great times with various wedding couples who have come to us for help and have left with more great memories and positive experience than they expected!

And that's how we operate, we under promise and over deliver! Your satisfaction is our #1 goal at OC DANCE STUDIO in Orange County!

Couples frequently ask what is the best rhythm for wedding dance? Well, it can be ANYTHING you want! This is your special day and the job of a dance instructor and choreographer is to make it happen! At OC DANCE STUDIO we have created routines for Hip hop, Swing,Foxtrot,Salsa,Cha Cha,Hustle, Country 2 Step, Waltz,Tango, Rumba,Samba and believe it or not...Polka!!! In the hands of an experienced and caring dance instructor...anything is possible! You tell us what you expect from your wedding dance and from your dance instructor and we will listen to your needs at make it to become reality.Couples frequently ask what are the most popular rhythms for wedding dance? Because of the nature of most romantic ballroom songs, Rumba and Foxtrot seems to be the 2 ballroom rhythms that will usually work the best with wedding songs. Again, there is no right or wrong and is

simply a matter of what works best musically speaking when you have to match the steps with the beat. We had couples who have mixed as many as 9 songs into 1 routine and the result? Beautiful and very creative routine that you can watch on our wedding dance page.

OC DANCE STUDIO is a Full ServiceDance Studio in Orange County offering Affordable dance classes and dance lessons to Kids and Adults as well as Wedding Dance Lessons.

OC Dance studio offers classes for Kids and Adults in the greatest Orange County area. As one of the best ballroom dance studios in Orange County, we take pride to offer 100% customer satisfaction and great reviews for your peace of mind.

As one of the best ballroom and ballet dance studios for kids in the Orange County area, OC Dance Studio offers FREE TRY OUT dance lessons and classes to parents and kids who are willing to make a safe decision before investing any time or cost on kids dance lessons.

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