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Most Fun Weight Loss & Dance Classes of 

Orange County with Affordable Packages

$99 for 4 Private Dance Lessons and/or 

Personal Training Sessions + ONE MONTH OF

FREE unlimited Group Dance and Weight Loss 

Classes. New Students Only.


All the below testimonials are from real clients and can be verified through Yelp links at the bottom of this page. Yet the best way to verify the sincerity of those students is to actually come to our location and try for your self and have fun!

From Annie S.(Long Beach)

This place is awesome! My husband and I have two left feet (I guess that would make it 4 left feet) and we needed help for our wedding "first dance" as to not bore everyone or royally embarass ourselves in front of 180 of our closest friends and family.

I called and spoke to Val, told her that I was getting married in a month, and if there was any hope to squeeze in some lessons before our big day. She was sweet on the phone and got us an appointment same day.

Rosta was our instructor and god love him for his patience with us. He is definitely a talented dancer and even so, never made us feel uncomfortable with our less-than-graceful attempt at following his steps. He never got frustrated with our slow learning, either. let me tell you... watching us dance together would be like watching two elephants stomping around in a daisy field -- and even that comparison is an insult to elephants!

We went in hoping to learn the basics of a wedding dance and ended up learning an entire first dance - We were able to learn an entire choreographed song in 4 dance lessons! I can't say we were the most graceful but rosta pretty much performed a miracle by prepareing us for our dance! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is considering dance lessons.

In fact, I would like to come back and take up some other classes that they offer. It has really been a fun experience for both of us -- i mean... my husband is one of those engineer types, and even HE got into it. thats pretty tough to do!

From Matthew B. (Irvine)

This place is great, especially if you want to learn salsa. Gonzo is a fantastic instructor and so are all of the others. They offer classes every day for various types of dances. Private lessons can even be squeezed in on the weekends--they really work with your schedule when needed.

Compared to the competitors they offer more classes more often and host parties every few months for holidays. About once month they also take their students to a club for really cheap and it's a lot of fun.

I recommend this place for any beginner wanting to learn to dance, and also anyone interested in private lessons.

From Kt. S (Irvine)

My now husband and I desperately seeked a dance instructor a week before we had to leave for our wedding in a different state. That's when Val came to the rescue. Ever so sweet but can be stern when its necessary, she was so patient and taught us to learn a slow and fast routine in 4 lessons. We didnt make the lessons easy on her, because my then fiance and I took turns messing up on the steps learned...unplanned of course. At the end of each lesson, she would video tape us and would send it as she got home the same night. We practiced with this until our next lesson. The end result? we nailed the routine at the reception. An unforgettable moment for both of us and cant disregard the guests too, they loved it equally.

My husband and I made a pact that we will return to see Val, not only to see our new friend but to take more lessons for future use. You never know when you'll prompted to show off some dance moves.

From Kristy Y.(Orange)

We took Rosta's classes for our first dance for our wedding this summer. We both have crazy schedules but Rosta was always willing to accommodate us, be it dinner time or late night.

My husband and I are not dancers at all, but Rosta choreographed our whole first dance song and somehow taught us to pull it off :) We took 5 lessons, which made for a month of fun date nights - we had an absolute blast! We kept the dance a secret from our wedding guests, who raved about how surprisingly good our dance was :) Thanks Rosta!

From Kimberlee N. (Orange)

Over 2 years ago, I came to OC Dance Studio in hopes that I would find a method of excercising that would work for me and that I would stick too. Dancing seemed like a good idea. Not only did I find that, I found a network of friends that support and encourage one another!!

OC Dance Studio offers many different types of dance instruction, both for children and adults, as well as exercise/aerobic classes and personal fitness training. You can do group classes with others, or do private classes/lessons if you prefer. If you like dance, you can do it as often as you want, with the flexibility that you need for your schedule. You can even do competitions at your level, if that is what you enjoy!!!

I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to call up and arrange your first visit if dancing is your preferred activity or method of exercise. It will be the best decision you've ever made for yourself!!!

From Richard W. (Laguna Beach)

I initially signed up to surprise my wife with ballroom dance lessons. Part of the gift was committing to taking lessons myself as her husband. This is NOT easy!! Women learn this stuff a lot faster than the guys!!! But guess what? With a little perseverance and the expert assist of Valerie Kenefick and her husband Rosta, I'm actually learning, and a new passion has emerged.

The other instructors and students at the studio are fun loving and willing to share both praise and frustration, all part of the journey!! Who would have thought this would add so much dimension to our lives and marriage. Guys???...................I dare you!! Best of luck.

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