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OC DANCE STUDIO|Ballroom and Salsa Dance Lessons Classes Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Vila Park, Anaheim hills, Orange, Santa Ana

Best Kids Dance Studio in Orange County for Ballroom Ballet Jazz Hip Hop Tap Lyrical Salsa

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!!!KIDS AGES 3-16!!!

                    thriller by kids.AVI

                    kids dance class at oc dance studio in orange county,

                       gangnam style hip hop classes for kids in orange county

                       Kids jam at Gangnam Style dance class at OC Dance Studio during Kids Annual Party! OC DANCE STUDIO offers Dance Classes and                               Lessons for Kids ages 3 and up for Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Ballroom and ...

DANCE STUDIO is a Full Service Dance Studio in Orange County offering Affordable dance classes and Lessons to Kids and Adults as well as Wedding Dance Lessons.

OC DANCE STUDIO is located in the city of Orange in orange county. We offer DANCE CLASSES ANDDANCE LESSONS to Kids and Adults in various rhythms and levels from beginners to advanced to competitive category. You can choose from Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue,Cumbia, Samba, Mambo, Jive, Bolero, Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble and Argentine Tango or maybe something more social like Swing, Hustle or Night Club 2 step; perhaps something more classic such as Tango, Waltz, Quickstep or Foxtrot. At OC DANCE STUDIO in Orange county no matter what your choices are from ballroom dance lessons to ballet dance classes or... from jazz dance classes to hip hop dance lessons or simply willing to dance and exercise to lose weight and live a better life...we are here for you and today is always the best day to start! You probably have already postponed this long enough don't you think? If you are like most of our students, you probably have been thinking about taking dance lessons for a long time and still waiting for that EXTRA push! Well...Just do it!!!

Once you start you will wonder: "Why did i wait this long to start taking dance lessons?" Dancing is one of the best ways nowadays to trick your body and mind into not thinking that you are exercising and yet, you will be burning just as many if not more calories than biking or power walking and definitely engaging more muscles thus getting more muscle definitions! Wait no more! Call today and start dancing today! Dancing Lessons will change your life!

Call us now and reserve your $15 1st dance lesson try out!

OC Dance studio offers dance lessons and dance classes for Kids and Adults in the greatest Orange County area. As one of the best dance studios in Orange County, we take pride to offer 100% customer satisfaction and great reviews for your peace of mind.

As one of the best dance studios for kids in the Orange County area, OC Dance Studio offers FREE TRY OUT classes to parents and kids who are willing to make a safe decision before investing any time or cost on kids dance lessons.

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